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LOL:Awoof Dey Run Belle….

Taking a last look at myself in the standing mirror, I admired the red tank top and grey bumshort I had on. Hair packed to one side, face well made up, I kept trying my friend’s number. We were scheduled to meet up with this guy I met on a social site at elegushi beach that sunday afternoon. Minutes rolled into hours before I could get to her. She told me to go ahead that she would meet up. Off I went, with the intent of having a swell evening and coming back to the hostel. On getting there, my friend called. She couldn’t make it. So there was I, stuck with my blind date (dude had an ibo accent that irritated me). I pretended to have fun and I so dint take anything ( *eyes rolling* fear of being drugged n all). 10pm and I was like, ‘Dude,I’ll like to go now’. Ghenghen, that’s how my guy changed it for me o. He said he had made arrangements for us to crash at his friends place in VGC. With #500 in my purse and no clue as to what to do next, I got up in anger and left. Twice I lost ma way. I trekked for like forever before I could see d main road. (If u’v been to elegushi,you’ll know what am talking about). I approached a cab guy and he charged me #2,500. Omo see gobe. I just jejeli explained myself to the guy. He agreed to collect #1,500 of which I kept wondering where I would see d remaining 1K. Past eleven n with school curfew of 12, I jumped into the cab without thinking. I eventually called one of my ‘toasters’ who bailed me out o. Since then, NO BLIND DATES n no going out with INSUFFICIENT FUND.


Oluwasegun Coker is today’s Akokite of the Week. He is a 2nd-year student of the Department of Education-Administration in the beautiful Faculty of Education. He is also an amazing fashion designer. He has attended the West African Distinguished Achievers… and all the “Most Beautiful Girl in Pan-West Africa” pageants. He does seem to be a widely-travelled fellow.
His favourite quote is “Life is a cruel teacher that gives you exams before lessons…” He is happily single and his favourite unilag spot is the Lagoon Front(why do all the guys keep choosing lagoon front??)
His work is inspired by nature, good music and the people around him… According to him, “Everything inspires me to work.”
His style is what makes him very unique. His favourite designers are Ralph Lauren and Pierre Cardin. His favourite Designer Labels are Givenchy and Versace(hmmmn)
He is the official fashion designer for Coded Vibes Entertainment and he intends going into footwear and textile making in the future. He likes honest and creative minds. He hates liars and wannabes.
If you want to know more about him, his twitter handle is @Xgunz_
You can also like his facebook page, x-gunz.
If you’re interested in working with him, call 08164024845 or ping him: 28C6AD3D.

On The Search For A Maga Outside Kofo Hall..

There was this day ,I and my best friend were chilling outside our hostel at Kofo with bum shorts and tank tops,looking for “maga”. Then this dude came driving a shining red ‘End Of Discussion’. He picked us and promised us that we were going to av fun at a bar outside school. He was cute, seemingly rich and we were carried away After a not too long drive,he stopped at an apartment at iwaya,said he wanted to quickly pick up something from a friend. We all went in to see the friend. There we met a girl and 3 guys.He then said we should chill there a little.A little became 3 hours.I got tensed and all I wanted was to go back to school. The dude refused,then he went to get us “refreshments”,which was one bottle of Pepsi & one Parle G biscuit for us to share. We rejected it & d dude kindly told us to trek back to school. We had no choice,we walked our sorry asses back 2 school and we totally wasted abt 6 hours of our life that day. 😦 😦 😦

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NIGERIA at 53: We’ll get there…eventually

About 5 decades ago, Nigeria became an independent country. For the past 53 years, a lot has been happening. We have advanced in some areas and stayed redundant in some. I cannot categorically say we are a crawling adult. Change is constant. We might not be as great, advanced and powerful as some top countries in the world but to be honest, we are trying our best.

Everyday people complain about the country. In my opinion, all the complaints are justified but I ask myself – Whose fault is it?

Nobody wants to take the blame… The president says it’s not his fault while the people blame it on the president. We keep shifting the blame, forgetting we all make up this country. We have been parading with complaints and blame-shifting for the past 53 years.

What has that fetched us? Has any of your complaints moved the country an inch forward? The so-called top countries of the world; are they problem-free? I guess not but hardly would you find them speaking ill of their country.

Do less of talking and more action today. It could be in form of prayer or anything. Remember,the future of this country lies in your hands. Be an agent of change today. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE NIGERIA!!LONG LIVE NIGERIA!!!


Today’s Akokite Of The Week is Faith Akwaugo Anyaoha aka Deeva. She’s 18, from Imo State, a rapper, writer and online contributor, repping the faculty of law, first year… Wow! what a portfolio.
Deeva sees herself as unique because she’s into a different kind of rap that men mostly dare to venture into and not women. She’s also very independent and do not in any way feel limited by gender or any other factor that exists.
She just started rap professionally this year dropping 68(Overkilling cover) in March, which climbed to number one of the Freshmen chart immediately it dropped and she’s currently nominated in the Female Artiste of the Year category for the Freshmen Concert of The Year. She’s also a finalist of the current Nokia Don’t Break The Beat competition, about to win the competition ;).
She tells us that her Life Philosophy is “Pain and Tears will come but when they do, give them a punch to remember.”, which is quite inspiring, while her favourite quotation is “To you a woman but the spirit of a king is what I wield”, less inspiring but beautiful, nonetheless.
Deeva’s Best Unilag Moment was when The Unilag Cypher came out and as she walked into the cab park ,someone went “Deeva!” and everyone turned like “Deeva!” and she was like, “y’all know me?” :).
Another day she won’t forget in Unilag would probably be the day Don Jazzy tweeted her music and people were like “Deeva, baddest geh” lol
Moving on to the faculty of Law, her favourite law lecturer is Mr Kola Oyewo. Her Favourite Law Course is Commercial Law and Her favourite place in Unilag is the Law lounge (obviously).
According to Deeva, her relationship status is “super private” and we can only wonder what she’s hiding. We’ll try to get more details and update you though. She hates when people try to hurt her and only appear when they need her… She loves anyone who treats her right and respects her. (Guys, take note)
Deeva’s music is inspired by God, her life, what she’s been through and the pain she’s felt at different times in her life. Her favourite Nigerian rapper is M.I (yaayy!) Her role model is “a female rapper based in America called Rapsody. She’s different, one of the few women who share my kind of music and spits pure truth :)”
Her future plans for her music are to be the best female rapper to come out of Africa, be different and bring the kind of music that inspires the world.
Her twitter handle is @DeevaOfficial. Follow her 🙂

Here’s the link to her song.Enjoy

POEM:There’s more to life than…

Longing for the best;
moving east and west;
living for the money;
for a life sweeter than honey;
Searching for answers; questions for worldly
breakthrough; Lost in the fantasy of life;
forgeting your purpose for life;
Dignity, lost; Self-Respect, Thwarted;
Past Achievements, Bursted; Spirit of God, Departed;
all in the pursuit for fortune and fame;
or just to be in the high lass and in the game;
Extinct are the partenal advice;
In rapid growth are the love for vices;
Saw it coming from the onset;
was quiet, never wanted an upset;
warnings came, as time passed;
To the wind they all flew like the flared gas;
Enjoying the moment at mean time ;
It’s a real good feeling, no crime;
yet on the last day I wonder; will it be all worth it?, just ponder……..;
Now Pause;
Dont fuss;
its constant and will always be; Change!;
Timeless? Yes it is;
But ineffective on the last day;
Dont delay, make the right way;

by @sirrvictor

My Erastus Akingbola Wash of life

Ok, I was at Erastus Akingbola hall, after eating at the hall’s kitchen.. Chilling for attention from the babe I met when I came in.. She was looking Fly as fuck and very cute… And I sat just to get a proper glimpse of her beauty..herself and the man she was sitting with seemed relatively quiet and I automatically felt they were strangers to each other as the man looked quite older than her by miles.. With a clique of friends who would persuade your destiny just to make you do what they want… I was  given the confidence to walk up to the lady..  As I made for her table, I noticed uneasiness in her attitude, but as a gallant soldier, I felt it was normal for babes when a guy tends to approach. I pulled the chair, and said hello.. She replied with ‘hi’ and I started the convo.. Not giving a fuck about the man by her side… I just kept talking like a radio.. And she didn’t even show emotions… No smiles nothing!!! And after thinking I have convinced her and she didn’t want to show it, I felt a hard tap on my shoulder and a proceeding manly voice with the words ‘ young man, you would not spoil the life of my daughter the way you have spoilt the life of others, now  get out of here, before I do something terrible to you’ you can imagine the rest of the story :(((((

By @tommy_krane

**Got funny stories like this??Send to unigidigists@gmail.com**


Today, Unigidigist caught up to Richard Brown of the department of Geo-physics, faculty of Science, which is of course, the best faculty in Unilag.He shared with us some interesting points about himself and it so happens that he is an upcoming artiste and he has dropped few singles :D.

The 200-level student shared his favourite quote as “Do Right And Kill Everything”…a very interesting way to start the conversation. According to him, his best moment in Unilag so far has been his first performance at the end of the year party in 2011, where he chilled with Davido and the rest.Asked what he likes in people in general, he replies: ”I like real, positive people, people who feel good about themselves and of course, fine people ;)”.He informed us that he hates liars, b*tch-*ss niggas, snitches who go behind your back to say negative things about you and proud people. Richard says he’s quite crazy, so picking the craziest thing he has ever done is hard for him. A day he would never forget is the day his ex broke his heart. It turned out to be the defining moment of his life which is helping to take his career to the next level. He says this about his music: “Well, I just liked rap, ‘grew up flipping words together to make a good rhyme. My friend, Vader actually inspired me to start recording and he believed in me. I thank him and Elaw.” He formed a crew, Vade with his cousin and his friend and they have a couple of singles doing well-Kasaprenko,Like you,The difference.He was also in the Geocypher. He’s currently working on his personal singles which would be out sooner than you expect ;).Richard is inspired by his life, his niccurs(Bizandre , gingerboy , kidwonda, jeezy , oj , kjay , vader , elaw , mace , fernandez , tobbeymars , kaycce , kolapo , damolabond , zigz , EM_A ), what’s going on in the society…and his girls too *laughs .His favourite places in Unilag are the coffee shop and the lagoon front (hmmmn)…and the library, sometimes.
Good news for this ladies…this cute, fly boy is not taken! but he doesn’t know if he’s single either because he has a lot of female friends.You still have the chance to hook him though, as he would like to “change”.

On a final note, if Richard could change anything in Unilag, he would allow girls enter the rooms in boys’ hostels(not surprising).

His Twitter handle is – @brillzy_r

Here are the links to some of his songs.Enjoy!
Like you http://hu.lk/g6919ff7skqo

Kasaprenko – http://hu.lk/4o5kezcioh6o

The difference – http://c2lo.reverbnation.com/audio_player/download_song_direct/18462036/7caaa9caaa6b97cd5df23b1ddca3cb38